Kohl’s Beauty: A Review

Kohl's Beauty Box

Shortly after the Instagram update brought us direct messaging, I was contacted by Kohl’s, asking if I would like to receive a Kohl’s Beauty box. Of course, I responded with a resounding YES! I received the package in the mail yesterday and couldn’t wait to share my opinions of the products.

The first product I used was the Hydroxatone Revitalizing Microdermabrasion. After reading the directions, which suggest using the product every other day for a week followed by a week of non-use, I didn’t expect immediate results. I massaged the product into my skin for a couple of minutes before rinsing it off, and can already tell the difference! My skin is much smoother than before. My only complaint is that the product is a little harsh on my skin. I have VERY sensitive skin, especially on my chest, neck and face, and this product caused the redness to hang around longer than other exfoliating products I’ve used. Overall, I think it will do great things for my pores and overall skin softness, and it has a great scent!

The second product I used was the H2O+ Face Hydrating Treatment. I felt using the hydrating treatment after the mocrodermabrasion product seemed fitting. In the Wisconsin winter, I haven’t had luck with finding a moisturizer that works for me. My face tends to be dry and itchy no matter what I do, but after using this hydrating treatment, my dryness is gone! Even the skin around my nose is hydrated and smooth, and since I am just getting over a cold, this problem spot has been even more of a problem than normal. This hydrating product just might find it’s way into my winter routine.

The third product I tried was the Pur Minerals Primer. I don’t normally use a primer in my makeup routine, but this primer has me convinced that I need to. The product has somewhat of a strong odor during application, but after I had applied my makeup, it was gone. That’s important to me, because odorous products with lingering scents tend to give me a headache. I can’t even describe how amazing my face felt when I used this, and I found out what I’m missing by not using a primer! My makeup went on flawlessly and seems to have lasted longer than normal. I just might be replacing this trial pouch with a full-sized bottle soon!

I have yet to try the TANtalizer Body Bronzing Luminizer, as self-tanner tends to scare me a bit (hello orange palms!), but I do plan on giving it a try. Based on the quality of the other products I’ve reviewed, I have confidence that this luminizer will be of equal quality. I have not tried the Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush either, since I don’t have the right kind of eyeliner to do so, and the package suggests watching online tutorials before use! I can’t wait to try these products and continue to use the products I’ve already tried.

Thank you Kohl’s! I loved my Kohl’s Beauty box.



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