Winter Weather Wear: How to Brave the Cold and Look Good Doing It

Although I was born in Illinois, and maintain my strong allegiance to Chicago sports teams, I’ve lived in America’s Dairyland for 20 of my nearly 22 years of life and consider myself a true Wisconsin girl. For that reason, I’ve never struggled when it comes to winter styling. In fact, I have more trouble coming up with cute outfit combinations for the warmer months, when adding an extra layer or two isn’t always practical. So, In honor of the record-breaking temperatures that are freezing the nation, I’m compiling some of my favorite winter styles in hopes that some of you may find inspiration in them and a renewed sense of hope that Spring will, in fact, arrive eventually!

The biggest players in my Winter wardrobe are sweaters, sweaters, sweaters! My sweater collection has substantially grown this year as I’ve embraced the power of layers. While the colors, patterns, and textures are endless, I’ve been drawn to classic styles such as cable knit and fair isle this season (see post here). These pieces, while timeless, fit perfectly into this season’s trends with appropriate layering and pattern-mixing combos. Here are a few of my favorite looks:

2013-12-31 08.30.242013-12-05 09.59.01 2013-12-11 11.20.152013-12-18 17.04.542013-11-21 09.08.012014-01-05 17.48.02

I’ve really embraced vests this year. It all begun when the herringbone vest epidemic hit just before Fall. I bought the Walmart dupe and dug out a white Old Navy vest from years ago, similar to this year’s Frost Free Vest. Since then, I’ve acquired the pink quilted barn vest and the quilted tweed puffer vest, both from Old Navy. A vest is the perfect item for extra core warmth, indoors and out.

2013-11-03 14.35.322013-11-22 08.00.33 2013-12-10 09.39.302014-01-01 19.58.37

Footwear can be a challenge in the winter, especially when snow accumulates like it has been in the from the Midwest to the Northeast. Fortunately for me, Wisconsin didn’t get dumped on, but I’ve been through my fair share of snowstorms to know – boots are your friend. Often, I’ll change into flats once I get to the office, but if I’m going to class, a sturdy yet fashionable pair of boots is necessary. Here are the boots (and a wonderful pair of rubber Kamik shoes) I’m wearing  this winter.

2013-11-06 08.52.352014-01-01 18.23.22IMG_41792013-10-25 08.09.57

How do you stay fashionable yet practical during the cold months? I’d love to hear about your winter staples!


4 thoughts on “Winter Weather Wear: How to Brave the Cold and Look Good Doing It

  1. Kendra Schmitz says:

    You’ve gotten me so interested in vests again! I’m also never able to make it through winter without fun tights 🙂

    • Vests are the greatest! I never thought I’d be sporting them again either, but Instagram brought them back for me. 😉 How could I forget tights?! Such a great winter accessory. I have a pair of cable knit ones and some colored opaque ones that I love!

  2. Big Fan says:

    A full winter later and I just now stumbled on your blog. You have fabulous style. I will be completely emulating (okay, stealing) many of these looks!!! Looking forward to your other stylish post on your new blog.

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