Monochromatic Monday

Let’s face it – Mondays are ROUGH. More often than not, we sacrificed some sleep over the weekend and just don’t feel like getting up and making ourselves presentable for a long day at the office. Today was one of those days for me. I overslept my alarm by 40 minutes, so I was in a panic to find something to wear in my unorganized heap of clothes. I originally pulled on my chevron sweater, paired it with black dress pants, and stared at myself in the mirror for several minutes. I didn’t like it. The pants were too faded to match (time to replace..) and the sweater looked too plain without layers (looking for some inspiration with that one, so if you have it and have styled it, tag me on Instagram!). So back to the pile I went.I grabbed my navy blue and white polka dot Merona skirt from Target that I bought at the beginning of last summer, which I haven’t worn in a while – probably because it’s been lost in the heap of clothes I never find time to organize. I decided I could work an outfit around it if I had a clean pair of tights, as the high today is 13 degrees. The only pair of tights I could find was my navy blue pair (have I mentioned I have an organization problem?) and decided to go for a monochromatic look.

Today's Look (1/20)

I think the key to successfully sporting monochromatic colors is to break it up somehow or to vary the shades more severely. Here, I did it with the white polka dots on the skirt and the pops of color in the necklace.

This honeycomb sweater from Old Navy is quickly becoming one of my favorites. The honeycomb style takes a classic cable knit and gives it a modern twist, making it a trendy piece for the winter months. It’s perfect for layering or wearing alone, and in navy, my styling possibilities seem endless.

Target really did it again with these Merona tights. They are fabulous. Sadly, I snagged my burgundy pair, but not for lack of quality. They’re sturdy and available in several beautiful colors at an incredibly reasonable price. If you’re a tights lover looking to expand your collection without breaking the bank, Target is the place to go.

I’ve been wearing this necklace from Viva la Jewels on repeat since the day I got it. It’s no longer available in her shop, but here’s a similar one, and she’s offering 50% OFF everything until 1/22! You hear that right – such an incredible deal!

Lastly, these ‘microwedges,’ as I’m calling them. I got them for $6.50 in-store at Target, but they’re still available online for a steal! The website’s pictures do not do the cognac color justice – these wedges are beautiful and incredibly comfortable, too.

What’s your favorite color to wear monochromatically?

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