My Fitness Journey, and How to Go from Fit to Fab in 20 Minutes!

Recently, I’ve been hitting the gym before my 9 am class everyday. I feel amazing throughout the day, knowing that I started the day on a positive note with a lifestyle change that has been a long time coming. Every year for as long as I can remember, I’ve resolved to lose weight. I’d set unrealistic goals without thinking of attainable milestones that could get me to my end goals, and I gave up every time. This year, I’m refusing to let the pattern repeat itself.I’m working with a personal trainer on Tuesdays and Thursdays at my college’s gym. Going to Oshkosh and utilizing the resources available to me has allowed me to say goodbye to two of my past excuses:
  1. A gym membership is too expensive! I’ll just work out at home.
  2. I wouldn’t know what to do even if I went to the gym!

While a gym membership wasn’t in the budget when I went to Eau Claire, I am now able to use the gym at Oshkosh for free. I never felt motivated enough to work as hard as I could at home, but the gym environment encourages me to perform at my best. Kinesiology students at UW Oshkosh offer personal training sessions at a low cost, which I finally took the initiative to try. It’s been great! Having a personal trainer allowed me to feel comfortable as I got acquainted with the gym itself and the machines available. She’s given me workout plans that challenge my entire body, from muscular to cardiovascular.

To me, an important part of feeling good during your workout is looking good while doing it. I’ve recently gone crazy, buying dry fit tops and crop pants, but what can I say, they’re motivating! I bought the three pairs of crop pants from American Eagle for less than $15 a pair! They’re amazing, and I’m told they’re made in the same factory as Lululemon pants. I’ve worked out in all three pairs already, and not even the dark grey pair show embarrassing sweat marks. Target and Walmart also have some amazing fitness gear right now!

I Work Out
I finish my workout around 8:30 am and have to be across campus, ready to learn, at 9:00 am. After class, I go directly to my internship, where I am expected to dress in business casual wear. Sound impossible? Maybe, but I’ve finally got my after-workout routine down to a science, and I’m excited to share it in hopes that we can all avoid my third fitness excuse: It will make me late for work!

Getting your fitness on in the morning doesn’t have to make you late. When I head to the locker room after my workout, it’s a good bet that my face is beet red and sweat is still dripping from my forehead. Yuck. Not exactly how I want to show up to class! I don’t have time to take a shower before my class, so I bring along my essentials in my Vera Bradley cosmetic bag.Gym Essentials
First, I wash my face. We all know how quickly breakouts can happen if we neglect to wash up after a workout! This St. Ives blemish control scrub has always been my go-to. The fact that it’s a scrub makes it feel like a deep clean, yet it’s gentle enough to leave my skin soft and smelling fresh.I received my hair dryer years ago as a Christmas gift, but it’s as sturdy as ever and Conair is still making a similar, if not exact, version (shown above). I rarely use my hair dryer otherwise, so this basic model works for me. I blast my roots with cool air to quickly get rid of sweat. Once dry,  I use Suave’s dry shampoo – inexpensive & effective – and let it stand for a couple of minutes while I apply my makeup. The key to after-gym makeup is to shorten up your normal routine by focusing on the basics.

I can’t say enough good things about Neutrogena’s SkinClearing makeup line. I’ve used this before and recently switched back after I had breakout after breakout using a different brand. This is the stuff for sensitive skinned gals like me. It doesn’t clog my pores, and as someone who tends to forget to remove my makeup every night (oops!), I’m thankful it doesn’t punish me for it. It goes on quickly and easily, and I don’t worry about  it not matching my skin or leaving behind makeup lines.I love this Revlon eyeliner and e.l.f. mascara. I’ve never been good at applying eyeliner, but this swipes on like a dream. The 3-in-1 mascara leaves my lashes looking long and full without clumping, and for $3? Yes, please!After my makeup is done and the dry shampoo has worked it’s magic, I run a brush through my hair, and after using knotted hair ties like the ones pictured to keep my hair back, my hair is crimp-free and ready for the day.
How do you work your workout into your busy schedule? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below!


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