Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

I have a ‘thing’ about blazers. It’s not a good ‘thing’, either. I’ve never felt particularly attractive or feminine when I wear blazers, so I avoid them like the plague. It’s probably all in my head- we all have those ‘things’, don’t we?- but I have a suit that I wear for interviews, and that’s it. It’s not like I haven’t tried to like blazers before. Believe me, I’ve tried. But dang it, it just never looks right!

Enter the Lace Blazer from LOFT, and it’s a game changer. This beautiful piece gives a classic style the feminine twist I need to feel pretty. At last!




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Now, I work in IT, which is a typically male-dominated field, so you can imagine I don’t rely on daily compliments to fuel my ego. But this baby got me compliment after compliment (mostly from the females in the office, but still), and how could I NOT feel feminine in a lace blazer? I paired it with a soft pink blouse and a black tulle maxi skirt (seen on my Instagram – impossible to photograph, but such a fun look!)

And here’s the best part – I paid $25 for it (EDIT: a friend of mine commented on my Instagram post saying she saw it on final sale for $9.98!! That’s insane!). I felt like I was committing a crime. I had seen it in the store before at full price ($138) and didn’t even allow myself to try it on. It just wasn’t in my budget to spend that on a blazer. (I’m about quantity over quality to a fault, people.) But, like a true mall rat, I stalked the sale racks at LOFT each visit and it finally paid off. This gorgeous blazer finally made it’s way home with me, and my head is swirling with styling ideas (hellooooo boyfriend jeans and maxi dresses). And as the raving reviews mention, it’s incredibly easy to dress up or down. In fact, (spoiler alert) I just might wear it with a chambray button down and white jeans tomorrow for casual Friday.

Unfortunately, this blazer is sold out online. But if you’re lucky, you just may find it on final sale, like me!

How do you manage to wear a blazer and feel feminine at the same time?



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