Weekend Win

Happy Monday, friends! The weekend flew by all too quickly for my liking, but I had an enjoyable one. The weather was beautiful and I was able to spend a day up at the summer camp where I spent countless summers (okay, count ’em: 7) and enjoy time with my boys.

On Friday, my boyfriend Sam was kind enough to put up with me while I shopped for a bit (granted, I did bribe him with a $1 massage in the chairs available in the mall hallways. Boys are so easy!). We had some time to kill after lunch at Olive Garden and a trip to the Jansport Outlet (a must if you ever visit Appleton; they sell ‘misprint’ & overstock tees, sweatshirts, sweatpants, etc. on the CHEAP) before we headed out to the Catfish Extravaganza (yes, that’s a thing in NE Wisconsin. They actually race catfish!).

During said shopping trip, I stopped in Gap. As usual, I headed straight to the sale section. The Gap in my mall has a ridiculously large sale section, for which I am grateful, and I rarely find myself purchasing anything full-price. I perused the sale racks and stumbled upon a great pair of slim cropped stripe pants.



These days, I find myself sighing a big UGH when I wear plain-colored trousers. I feel boring in and uninspired by my black slacks or khaki capris. I (luckily) work in a business-casual environment where I am free to express myself (within reason) through my personal style. So when I saw these pants, I thought, YAY! An office-friendly pair of pants with just enough pizazz for me to work with. In addition to the white & navy stripe option, this pair of pants is also available in a blue & navy stripe (take note: reviewers and myself alike have seen these in person and thought the ‘blue’ seems more purple), which I may have to go back for.

I’ve always had luck with Gap pants. For me, they fit true to size (and every now and then I get to size down – hello confidence booster!) and flatter my shape, which is often hard to find. I can see how some women may shy away from these horizontal stripes, for fear they may create a widening affect on the hips or thighs (believe me, I’m right there with ya – the last thing I want to do is accentuate my lower half), but I actually find them to be rather slimming, as is echoed in the online reviews. Score! The quality also deserves a mention – one reviewer compared the quality to that of Madewell. Here’s how I styled them for an ultra-casual Monday:

photo2Sweater: Target | Tee: Levi’s (old) | Sandals: Jack Rogers


If you love these pants as much as I do, here’s a couple pieces of advice:

  1. Size down (or, if you are in between sizes like me, go with your smaller size). Per the online reviews and my personal experience, these seem to run big.
  2. If you have a local Gap, check there first! I scored these beauties for $9, while they are still $22 online. Still a steal, but even more so in-stores!

$9 for a quality pair of pants that flatter my frame and can transition into the colder months is a WIN in my book! What deal(s) did you score this weekend that would classify as a win? Comment below or tag me on Instagram (@malitroobs)!


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