A Walk in the Park

Today is my Friday! Sam and I will be in Door County for the next four days, and I hope to take a lot of pictures and have a spectacular blog post for you after the weekend. We’ll see how I do.

Today I ventured out onto the grounds at my office to snap my outfit pictures. I feel fortunate to work in a place that values beautiful landscaping and allows employees to sneak away for a mid-morning (or afternoon, or both) stroll along the walking path. Today was declared a Jeans Day per our new CEO, so for an office-friendly look, I paired a trusty pair of Old Navy’s Rockstar skinnies with a black blouse (Kohls, old), striped blazer (Banana Republic, last fall), and a mixed media necklace from Target that takes pearls to  a new level. I love these ankle-zip skinnies, and they’re currently on sale with a full size run available online, but beware of dye transfer! I have them in Rinse and it took several washes before I finally stopped getting blue dye all over my hands and legs. In the end, they also appear a few shades lighter.



I know, I know – I strongly declared in my post last week that I am anti-blazer, but I should have noted that cotton blazers are an exception. My personal style is largely centered around comfort, and what fits the bill better than a cotton blazer? I look business casual but feel like I’m curled up in my coziest sweatshirt.





These espadrilles from Target are one of my favorite finds this season (I have them in natural, seen here, and navy stripe… and I’m so tempted to get the remaining two colors, but am sure my mother would admit me). I got them for less than $10 on clearance (once again solidifying my philosophy to always check in-stores before ordering online, where they are $14.98) and wear them constantly. Plus, they’re incredibly comparable to these J.Crew espadrilles, which retail for $128. I’m always about the look for less, and of course, Target does it again.



Clearly I am new at “modeling” for my blog – sorry for the incredibly unamused look (and iPhone quality) here. I’m learning, and having fun doing so!



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