Things I’ll Never be Able to Afford… and How I Found a Way to Afford Them

So let me start out by saying this title is a bit misleading. I’m sure if I saved my money and didn’t frivolously spend like I do (cough Target runs cough), I could spoil myself every now and then with a pricey designer item. But I’m the type of girl who wants to have my quantity and quality too, so I’ve had to find ways to cheat the system.

Today I’m going to be sharing three (okay, sort of 4) things I’ve pined over, thought I’d never be able to afford, and found a way to afford them. If you’re on a budget like me, but have a taste for the finer things in life, buckle up and enjoy the ride.

  1. Jack Rogers
    If you follow any style blogger or fashion-fueled Instagram account, you’ve more than likely longed for a pair of the perfect summer sandal: Jack Rogers. With a price tag near $120, however, some of us just can’t do it. Earlier this Spring I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and had a near heart attack when I saw someone score a pair of Jack’s for less than $10. INSANE!! I thought to myself, and I reached for my laptop so quickly I thought I’d pull a muscle. I cyber-sprinted to her blog, where she had laid out exactly how to get the deal. Of course, there was a small catch, but not enough of one to discourage me from pursuing the deal. LivingSocial was offering $50 to spend at NM Last Call for $25, and there was a discount code to receive the deal for $19. The Jacks I selected on NM Last Call were $99.00, and after the $50 voucher from LivingSocial, another promo code NM Last Call was running, and a free shipping promo code, my total to pay was $9.40. Grand total for my Jacks? $28.40. My only regret is that I only bought one pair! photo2photo1
  2. Birkenstocks
    I love Birkenstocks. Fashion bloggers around the country have been snagging them this summer, declaring, Birks are back! leaving me wondering, where did they ever go? Although I never had a pair myself, until this summer, they’ve always been popular in my family (my mom and sister wear them) and at the summer camp I attended/worked at.  So how did I work two pairs into my summer wardrobe, retailing at $69.95 (similar here) and $120.00 (similar here) for $20 and $24.50? Instagram closets and ThredUp. My first pair (see below) came from @katandkittencloset on Instagram. I seriously debated these for 4 weeks. No matter how much I tried to stop thinking about them, I felt a little happiness each time I returned to their shop to see nobody had bought them (I know, I have a problem). I finally pulled the trigger and am so happy I did!

    The pair pictured below is from thredUP (follow this link and receive $10 toward your first order!) and came to $24.50 before tax and shipping. I couldn’t believe it! I was slightly disappointed when they arrived – they were advertised as a 7.5 and were a 39 (which translates to more of an 8.5) – but for the price, they work. I stalked thredUP for Birks for my sister and she ended up getting a pair for $15 with my $10 off link!


  3. Lilly Pulitzer Shorts
    Last but not least, my most recent score: Lilly Pulitzer shorts, another Instagram shop (@mtcloset) find. I adore this shop. Her prices are amazing and the items she finds are incredible. I paid $15 for these! They’re a beautiful green color and I have so much fun styling them. One of my favorite bloggers, Kelly in the City, shared her pointers on finding Lilly pieces at an affordable price here! Since I read her post, I’ve been stalking eBay and the Re-Lilly Facebook group like it’s my job.


So what’s my point? These deals aren’t available anymore, so why am I bothering? Here’s why: because sometimes being a little frugal and having being forced to have a little patience (due to fund$) pays off.

What’s your biggest score that you never thought you could afford?


One thought on “Things I’ll Never be Able to Afford… and How I Found a Way to Afford Them

  1. These are all fantastic tips! I got my Birkens brand new from Amazon warehouse deals for $40 so that’s another place to look. Persistence pays off too. I finally found a pair of wedges I had been stalking forever in a poshmark closet brand new. For over $200 less than retail. You just cant help but share good deals hoping others can benefit from your knowledge of sales.

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