After the Show, it’s the After Party!

Gooooood morning, Lilly lovers! I hope you’ve all been up and at ’em since the After Party Sale began this morning – and if you’re like me, you refreshed the page for about ten straight minutes before the sale even began!
This year was my first time at the Lilly rodeo, and let me tell ya – it’s a killer sale. I managed to get the items shown below at ridiculously low prices, and I’m STILL coming down from my shopper’s high! The sale goes until the 20th, but hurry, inventory will run very low, very soon!


Captiva Tunic Cover-Up in Watch Out


Murfee Scarf in POP (sold out)


Brewster T-Shirt Dress in Rhode Island Reef


EDIT: I also ended up going back for the iPad tech case in In the Groove. I love that it doubles as a clutch, so I can carry my phone, ID, and debit card along with my iPad!

Side note: I’m sure my title, borrowed from “Ignition (Remix)”, is not original at all, but I thought it was pretty clever.

What did you score at the After Party sale? Comment below!


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