Instagram Recap


My sister and I participated in the Run or Dye 5K (my first 5K!) and it was a blast! I’m in the middle, throwing up dye, and my sister is the one with the Katniss braid beside me.


Cory Chisel has put on the Mile of Music festival in my hometown for the past two years. I enjoyed listening to some local (and not-so-local!) bands and I couldn’t pass up a photo op in this instaframe.


No caption I write will do these beauties justice. These shoes and the Lilly pieces I scored during this week’s sale have me wishing for an endless summer.


I did it! I pulled the trigger on a Kate Spade planner. I wasn’t in love with any of the Lilly prints. Maybe next year.


I had to show you this shot I snapped of me and Otis in our “his and hers” rainboots. It’s too funny! People probably think I’m ridiculous for putting these on him, but it saves me the trouble of trying to squeeze his feet dry after a walk!


I bought this LOFT jacket second-hand, and I’m in love.


On top of scoring big at the Lilly After Party Sale, I found this Briella dress in Lucky Charms for $18 on thredUP. You read that right – EIGHTEEN DOLLARS. IT’s going for $200 on eBay! If you aren’t already shopping thredUP, have $10 toward your first purchase on me!

imageHere’s my custom phone case I won along with my $200 gift card from the #loftselfiesweeps. I also bought these cute chambray polka dot shorts via an Instagram shop!


After months of dealing with a swelling battery, I finally took my computer in to have it replaced. I was hoping it was a defect, and that the new battery would come at no cost.. but no such luck. Oh well! It should last me a few more years now.


Here’s the other pair of J.Crew shorts I bought along with the polka dot chambray pair. Such a fun, summery color to add to my closet!

Post your Instagram Recaps in my comments and I will check them out!



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