Smart Girl’s Group

SGGIn mid-August, I applied to become a member of the Smart Girl’s Group. The Smart Girl’s Group is, as the website says, “a unique environment that seeks to unite, inspire, and empower the next generation of influential women through our vast array of products, resources, and opportunities fit for passionate game-changers like you.” How cool!

On Saturday, I received an email informing me that I had been accepted, and offered the opportunity to be a Smart Girl’s Sharer on Smart Girl’s Loop, the daily blog written by Smart Girls all over the world. I replied this morning with a commitment to post bi-weekly on the topic of fashion. I’ll have more details about my posts for SGG when I hear back from them, and will most likely link my posts here on Mostly Midwestern as well.

SGG offers its members the opportunity to participate in a book club, in online classes with unique subjects not offered at many schools or universities, in internships, both in-person and virtual, as well as the opportunity to attend the Summit. The Summit, or Smart Girl’s Conference, “will empower young women to succeed in all facets of their lives, through keynote speakers, panels, workshops, networking, and more. In an effort to continue to empower the next generation of superstar women, participants will find opportunities that will cater to their smarts, while connecting with Smart Girl Sisters from across the globe.”

I LOVE that SGG isn’t exclusive. Girls of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds are accepted, as the SGG believes every Smart Girl has something to bring to the table. The only requirement as a Smart Girl is to get involved. I’ve been searching for something of this nature for quite some time, as I couldn’t decide just how to get involved in my community. SGG will be my driving force to do so, and I’m so excited to explore the opportunities it may present for me.

If you want to get involved with SGG, follow this link, scroll to the bottom of the page, and complete the short form. As I learn more about SGG and my role as a Smart Girl, I will have updates! Stay tuned.


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