Labor Day Sales

blaireHappy Friday! I know we’ve ALL been looking forward to this 3-day weekend (4-day if you’re like me! I start my new semester Wednesday and will be taking Tuesday off of work to do some last-minute school stuff) and can’t wait to spend time relaxing and enjoying the company of others. I just wanted to highlight a few Labor Day sales, as this is a great weekend to scoop up those final summer pieces to hoard until next year or take on a mid-winter vacation, and also to get great deals on incoming fall trends!

LOFT is probably the only Labor Day sale I’ll be checking out. I’ve spent WAAAAY too much money lately, and am challenging myself to spend less in September (more on that in another post). But the $200 LOFT gift card I won from one of their sweepstakes still has a good chunk of cash on it, and I could use a cute LAST first day outfit (I’m graduating in May, aaahhhh!). They’re offering an additional 50% already reduced items and select full-price items – INCLUDING Lou & Grey! I’m a Lou & Grey fanatic, and it’s almost always excluded from sales.

Here are a few of my LOFT faves; I’m always looking for pieces that I can wear comfortably to school and my internship:


Alright, I lied when I said LOFT was the only Labor Day sale I’ll be checking out, because I neglected to mention that I’ve already shopped C. Wonder’s Labor Day sale (*facepalm*). But they’re offering seriously amazing deals! 50% off final sale items and 30% off full-price. Here’s what I got:

collarI bought this because I’m a crazy dog lady. Sue me, it was $4. Side note: if anyone owns the large matching leash, I’ll buy it from you! The only leashes available were both mainly pink, and my male dog gets mistaken for a female as it is!
mini easyI’ve been longing for a Longchamp Le Pliage, but haven’t pulled the trigger because of the price tag. I think this tote may give Longchamp a run for their money, and it was easier on my wallet! It’s sold out now, but it was on sale for $33.99 with 50% off, and I splurged for the monogram. I can’t wait to get it!

Everythingin-stores and online is up to 50% off at Old Navy! You also have a chance to win a $50 shopping spree. Old Navy has really stepped up their game in the last few years. Here’s what I’m admiring:


Hoodies will never not be a fall staple. I LOVE this one, and it’s on major sale.


This is what I mean by Old Navy has stepped up their game. This graphic tee is very J. Crew, but the price tag speaks to all budgets! Woohoo!

Labor Day sales are a great time to grab those floral dresses that will carry us into fall! This one is beautiful!

Hungry for more Labor Day goodness? I don’t blame you. Check out Refinery29’s list of Labor Day sales! I can’t wait to hear all about your finds; comment below!





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