September Fashion Faves

September has been such a fun month for fashion! I canNOT believe that October starts tomorrow. Although I’m dreading the chilly temps that are bound to come with it, I have a 2-week Florida vacay come December to look forward to, and getting to wear sweaters and jeans on the reg doesn’t hurt either. As we look forward to October, and all the fall goodness that we get to enjoy, I’m looking back on my favorite outfits from September! Follow me on Instagram to see these looks and more.


I love the nautical/redwhiteblue look at any time of the year. To make it suitable for fall, I paired my Old Navy pixie pants with a chambray top layered under a sweater, my C.Wonder easy tote, and my favorite Sperry’s.


I can’t take all the credit for this look! Thanks to the #virtualstylesession hashtag on Instagram, I was able to grab some virtual advice when styling this dress.


You’ll be seeing a lot of this vest and flannel, so get used to it now – you’ve been warned! 😉


I call this look “frumpy chic”. Okay, so it doesn’t look so frumpy. But to go from my internship to class, I slipped out of my work trousers and into my VS Sport leggings for all-day comfort.


I’m so thrilled I decided to purchase this scarf last year. It’s Old Navy’s version of the blanket scarf (which I also purchased on Sunday night when I couldn’t sleep… get yours for only $12.99 + shipping here!) and it really does double as a blanket when I’m chilly in the office.


I wasn’t kidding when I said to expect to see this vest repeatedly!


Fall calls for a lot of pattern mixing as well. Some may think I’m crazy, but I say the more the merrier!

Share your September faves link in the comments below so I can take a look at your posts (and possibly steal some style inspo!)


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