Treat Yo’self!

Well y’all, I did it (kind of)! My original promise to myself was to stick to a budget under $200 for the month of September, which I later revised, promising not to shop for the remainder of the month. While I didn’t quite meet that goal (I replaced my ankle booties from last fall with these ($28), couldn’t pass up finding this plaid flannel ($19) in my size, and discovered a dire need for a great pair of dark skinnies ($24)), I definitely stayed under the $200 budget I had given myself. My reward? Bean boots. Side note: I had to order them before September actually ended, because when I checked online they were already backordered until November (and I had a 20% off coupon).

Bean Boot Guide

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I weighed the pros and cons of the 6″ boots vs. the 8″ boots, and trust me, there are plenty o’ blog posts that will help you make the tough decision. Here’s a few resources I referred to when deciding, should you be interested:

  • One of my favorite bloggers, Carly from the College Prepster, has all kinds of experience in the Bean Boot field and shared her thoughts here.
  • Another one of my daily reads, Summer Wind, decided on the 8 inch boots and the comments from Sydney’s readers also proved helpful in my decision making process.
  • The reviews on L.L.Bean’s site (there’s nearly 400 of them) give a wide range of helpful opinions and suggestions.
  • Finally, I have to include this adorable way to tie your Bean Boots by Shannon from Prep Avenue, if only for my future reference when my boots arrive.

So where did I land? I’m short, like Shannon, who recommended the 6-inch style. However, I live in an extremely snowy climate, and Carly, who also recommended the 6-inch, mentioned that the 8-inch may do better in snow. After much internal debate, as well as some unanimous feedback from my Instagram followers, I ordered the 8-inch. I have to admit, the sizing makes me a little nervous! I am a true 7.5, sometimes even an 8, and I decided to order the 7’s after reading reviews and chatting with a representative. I hope I don’t regret it! I ordered a pair of shearling inserts with the $10 gift card I received from purchasing the boots (this offer is good until 9/29). At $10, they seem like they’ll be a good investment which will keep my feet warm and help the boots fit properly, should they be wide or loose.

Do you have a pair of Bean Boots? If not, and you’re interested in some, order NOW! I’ve read the backorder becomes even longer as we approach the most dreaded season of the year winter. If so, offer your tips for new buyers in the comments below!

(Yes, the title is a Parks and Rec quote. TREAT YO’SELF!)


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