Organization Station

Being a full-time student and a part-time intern while attempting to maintain hobbies (like blogging!) and some sort of social life can be quite a task at times. So how do I keep myself organized (and sane)? These three books right here.


It is no secret to the people who know me that I love notebooks, and always have. Despite being an Information Systems major with an interest in technology, I’ll always be a pen-and-paper kinda girl.

On the bottom of the stack, we have my beloved Kate Spade planner. I purchased this mid-August and it’s been a great investment. I don’t know about you, but I’m much more likely to make sure I make good use of something I’ve invested in. For the past few years, I’ve purchased a less-than-sturdy planner from Target and gave up on it halfway through, so I decided to make a change. I’ve used my Kate Spade planner since the day I got it, and it’s kept me on track.


As you can see, I color-code my planner with a different colored pen for each course, which makes it easy for me to know at a glance exactly what I have to be prepared for by the next class period or next week. The pen colors coordinate with the notebooks I have for each class, and I take notes with the colored pens as well. It helps me keep my mind focused when thinking about a certain course, and has even helped me recall information from my notes on exams. I reserve the red pen for outside-of-class plans or urgent deadlines, since I associate the color red with urgency, and I have a couple of Sharpie pens that are reserved for meetings or special events/holidays.

The striped book in the stack is a personal journal. No, I don’t write Dear Diary entries everyday, but the best way I know how to quiet my thoughts is to get them on paper. I also use this journal to jot down plans or ideas, such as things to consider for my cross-country move next spring (eek!) or blog posts I may want to explore. I picked up this journal at TJ Maxx, where I always find an amazing selection of cutesy notebooks.


Lastly, I have what I call my homework notebook. I got this idea from a post on The College Prepster, and it’s been incredibly helpful in keeping me on track and accountable. Each week (typically on Friday or Sunday), I look at the syllabus for each course and make note of what’s to come. As the week goes on, I keep an eye on the notes I’ve made so I’m prepared for class and have completed any assignments I may have. At the bottom of the page, I have my written to-do list (most of which I’ve checked off since I took this photo 😉 ).

By keeping my schoolwork organized, I’m able to succeed in school and at my internship while finding time to do the things I enjoy, like blogging, spending time with my friends, and kicking it with my dog. What do you do to hold yourself accountable for your responsibilities?


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