NYE Attire: House Party Style

I’m SO excited to ring in the New Year with Sam in Florida this year – I’ll be flying into Orlando on December 29th and staying with him for two weeks (eeek!), and that means I’ll be there for New Year’s Eve. Sam and I have spent one NYE together in our nearly three years of dating (which is actually pretty good for a long-distance relationship!), and we spent it by having dinner at Hu Hot (yum) and hanging out in my living room, watching TV and missing the clock strike midnight because MTV was behind (thanks a lot, MTV). It was perfect for us, but this year we’ll probably be doing something a little different. Most likely, we’ll be hosting a get-together at Sam’s apartment, so I’m packing accordingly. Here’s the perfect combo of comfy, fancy, and casual that I’ve put together for my evening.


This graphic tee hits the comfy-fancy nail on the head. I love baseball-style shirts, and the metallic printed “GOLDEN” graphic screams sparkly NYE while still being a shirt I can wear throughout the rest of the season. I plan to dress it up with a textured skirt like this one, a textured drop-waist cotton skirt, and these tights, which I fell in love with after seeing them on Kelly in the City several weeks ago. The skirt seems to be a good investment if I like the fit – being a cream color, it will be a versatile piece I can wear with all different tops and tights. If this bow belt (last year) goes with the metallic lettering on the tee, I may throw it on for some extra sparkle! I chose flats (last year) because they’ll be easiest to pack, even though I generally prefer heels, and more casual as well. I found this J.Crew dupe necklace on eBay, and while it’s pretty far from good quality, it’s sparkly and fun to top off the outfit. My Phillip Lim for Target pocketbook is going to be my go-to bag for this trip. It’s the perfect size!

What’s your rockin’ NYE outfit consist of? Sidenote: Interested in guest-posting on my blog while I’m in Florida? I’d love to have you! Please contact me via email at mali@mostlymidwestern.com so we can chat about your ideas.


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