The Hunt for Black Boots

 The Hunt for Black Boots

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I’ve recently decided I need a pair of black boots. And part of my shopping addiction is that when I decide I need something, I NEED TO GET IT – as soon as possible (I know, it’s totally unhealthy. I’m working on it!). So when I decided I needed a new pair of boots, I took to the internet to find the perfect pair.

For whatever reason, I’ve always stayed away from black boots. For the longest time, brown boots have just fit better with my personal style aesthetic. But as I’ve grown, my style has grown with me, and I find myself wishing I had a pair to wear with a dress and tights or with dark skinny jeans. I’m loving the quilted style, so I found five pairs under $50 that are in the running.

What’s your favorite pair? I’m still deciding!

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