On My Radar

ONE:: Bye-Bye, Piperlime

Ugh, sorry to start with a depressing one guys, but how sad is it that Piperlime is closing it’s virtual doors at the end of first quarter? I always found incredible pieces at great prices at Piperlime, and I guess I’ll just have to stock up before it closes down for good. Shop their final sale and get an additional 60% off with the code STOCKUP. Today is the last day! Be sure to sign up for Ebates before you do so you can get 7% cash back.


TWO:: SAG Awards Red Carpet

Of course, nymag.com’s “TheCut” totally killed it with their best-dressed list, but I had to pay special tribute to Lupita, who looked amazing, as always. Plus, I’m with the rest of the Internet who’s rooting for her and Jared Leto.

THREE:: #KimsDataStash

You guys, I’m the first one to scoff at Kim K. I mean, I’d pick any ‘Kardashian’ (yeah, even Kris) as my favorite over her. But I have to give her credit for this Super Bowl commercial she unveiled, mocking herself a little bit and also the people that follow her every move – did you know she’s the most followed celeb on Instagram?

FOUR:: The Broke Girl’s Guide to Healthy Eating

I’m officially out of excuses! I’ve always associated healthy eating with costly grocery bills and time-consuming meal prep. This guide highlights cheap, versatile foods that can be prepared individually or as part of a meal, and I don’t know what I’ve been waiting for. Sliced avacado with sea salt as a snack? Yes please.

FIVE:: Red Velvet Oreos

Red velvet Oreos are ready to hit stores Feb. 2, which coincidentally coincides with my first day of classes. Does this mean I’ll need to pick up a pack and devour a few to reward myself for getting through the first day? Probably. See what pastry chefs are saying about these new Oreos – “frosting with a side of cookies”? Sign me up.

http://player.ooyala.com/iframe.js#ec=1kMzIxczoIn–gg8I-MEIKsCMs9FOJM6&pbid=8f831f172a744ddb9fde7f5ab48e5878SIX:: 200 Hours Later…The Incredible Journey Of This Dior Couture Dress

Ever wonder what it takes to create a couture dress and to get it runway-ready? After watching this video, I have a stronger understanding of why couture gowns have such high price tags – I mean, those pleats!

What’s on your radar this week?

4 thoughts on “On My Radar

    • Right?! She’s a rockstar! It seems like Kim is finally discovering a sense of humor and can laugh at herself a little. Props to her! Thanks for reading 🙂

  1. lol the kim k commercial actually made me laugh. I’m not the biggest fan of her but I did used to enjoy watching the Kardashians show. I think I would still watch it but I cancelled my satellite service so I don’t get E! anymore 😦 But ugh, Kris is my least favorite. -_-


    • OMG, I don’t get E! anymore either! It’s not cool. I may have gone too far by saying I like Kris more than Kim.. Hahaha I really don’t like either of them much.

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