Sunday Lately

This Sunday, I’m again participating in the Sunday Lately Link Up, hosted by Katy, Nicole, and Meghan.

This week’s words are Completing, Visiting, Repeating, Applauding, & Scheduling.


My winter break. Sigh. I’m entering my tenth and final semester of college tomorrow, and while I’m somewhat terrified of my post-grad plan, I’m also incredibly excited to get this semester over with and follow my heart for once instead of choosing the safe option.


Florida. In my mind. Everyday. I’ve become so obsessed with this move since I visited in January that I’m constantly thinking about job prospects, apartment options, and all the logistical details that come with moving cross-country (if you have any tips, tricks, or expertise, I’d love to chat with you!). While I’m not terribly excited to start classes again, it’ll at least give my mind something else to do apart from worrying about something that’s 5 months away yet.


The Gossip Girl series on Netflix. Again. Don’t judge! I read every single book in the series before the show was ever introduced (including the spin-off series, It Girl), so I was ecstatic when they made it into a TV series. I can’t get enough!


Myself for eating cleaner. I’ve been slowly transitioning myself into healthier eating habits, and so far I’ve been more successful than I have been when I’ve tried diving in headfirst. I’m getting 80 oz. of water per day and making sure that half of my lunch plate is veggies (I am so NOT a big veggie eater). I plan to work my way into healthier breakfast and dinner options soon, but lunch was the easiest to tackle for now. Now, if I can get myself back to the gym this week, I’ll be on track toward achieving my New Years resolutions (and to fitting into my graduation dress)!


Blog posts for next week – I’ve been staying a week ahead (with minor tweaks on the day of) for a couple of weeks now, and it feels great! My creative juices have really been flowing. Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll hit a wall sooner or later.. Haha.

Sunday Lately with Katy, Nicole and Meghan.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Lately

    • Haha I think the same thing all the time! The Mindy Project is on my list, but until it hits Netflix, I’m all about that GG. I’ve fallen off the wagon a bit this week with school starting back up, but I’ll be hard at work this weekend!

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