Snowberries and Sorel


Eddie Bauer Sweater (found in stores, love this one) // Eddie Bauer Flannel (found in stores, similar here) // American Eagle Jeggings (exact) // ElizaJayCharm Monogram Necklace (exact) // Sorel Joan of Arctic Boots (sold out, love these)


Sam often tells me when I wear red bauble jewelry or red nail polish that it makes him think of snowberries (which yes, is probably an unintentional nod at my glaringly pale skin). So when I saw this sweater, affectionately named the Snowberry sweater, I knew I needed it. There’s just something special about wearing something that makes you think of a loved one and smile. That, and the fact that I fell in love with it immediately. To keep the snowberry effect going, I layered with a red plaid and did a red lip.


It’s been unreasonably frigid lately, and while surrounding states (and southern Wisconsin) seems to be getting snow days, we’re getting just enough to still have to trudge to work, school, and other commitments. That’s where my Sorel Joan of Arctics come in. Yes, I just recently gushed about my Bean Boots, but I have equal love for my Sorels. While I reserve my Bean Boots for the fall and mild winter days, I bust out the big guys for deep snow and icy cold days.


Besides the sentimental value I associate with this sweater, it’s also triggered an obsession with quarter-zip garments – on the same shopping trip, I picked up my first piece of apparel from the school I attend, which is a quarter-zip sweatshirt. I much prefer it to a hoodie, of which I have dozens that I never wear.




I’m making it a goal to buy more pieces that make me smile, like this one, and less on impulse. Do you have anything you’ve bought or hung onto for that very reason?

4 thoughts on “Snowberries and Sorel

    • I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them when I move this spring! I’m sure they’ll come with me though, because 1) I’m too attached and 2) you just never know when I’ll need them! 😉

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