The frigid temps blasting the Midwest this week are forcing me to get creative with blog posts. I had grand plans to shoot a few outfits this weekend in order to get a jump on this week, but it was so chilly I couldn’t even get myself out of my pajamas! So what did I do instead? I watched USA’s Valentine’s movie marathon and trolled Pinterest (a LOT) for apartment decorating ideas. Although Sam and I don’t have it quite set in stone where we’ll be living when I move in May, one of our potential options is an apartment Sam’s grandma owns on a lake. With that in mind, I’ve been drawn to a beach cottage kind of vibe when dreaming up decor.


This room from IKEA’s photo gallery was one of my favorite finds. I love the green side table and linen closet for a guest bedroom, and even though the bedding seems impractical (do people really put two duvets on a bed?) I like the floral with the plaid a lot.


The apartment has a sunroom, and I love the idea of a daybed to provide comfortable seating. Depending on the size of the space (I haven’t seen the apartment in person), I’d love to also incorporate a breakfast nook of sorts, or a bar-style table and chairs for casual dining.


I originally thought my taste leaned more toward the modern side, but I surprised myself by being drawn to a more traditional style. I love the idea of a white or off-white couch with colorful decorative pillows and accent chairs. This red patterned chair is beautiful, even though I’m not sure it fits into the beach style.


I’m obsessed with my Keurig (so much so that it might be time to replace it..), so creating a functional space for it is a must. I love the idea of saving counter space (and cupboard space) by using a separate hutch. The hanging mugs is such a fun way to display my (rather extensive) mug collection. #morehooksplease


As I mentioned, the apartment is on a lake, which is why I love this “go jump in the lake” sign so much. Although, since there’s alligators in the lake, I don’t know that jumping in would be the wisest choice… Still, I love the idea of this sign above an entryway, as shown here.


This 4×4 cube shelving is one of my top furniture priorities. Obviously, since I am just starting my career and Sam is still in school, we won’t be able to run out and buy every little thing we want for our place right away, so I’ve been prioritizing. This cube-style shelving allows for stylish organization, and I’m obsessed with how @rayannlacasse styles hers on Instagram. I am thinking of making the second bedroom a guest room/office (even though Sam wants to commandeer it as a “man cave” – we’ll duke that out later), And I think this would make for great office decor.


I’ve seen this cart (or at least a very similar one) from IKEA all over Pinterest and Instagram. I love the idea of using it as a nightstand, but I’ve also seen it used as a cleaning supplies cart or in an office setting. It’s such a versatile piece, I may have to get a couple for my place!


I pinned this photo for the wall art (not that I’m not into the antler pillow.. Okay, I’m not). The overlapping frames hanging from knobs is such a unique idea. I’d love to display photos of Sam and I this way (which may mean I’ll have to talk him into getting some professional photos taken… muahahaa).


I love decorative and functional entryways! This one is my favorite right now. The stacked crates are such an inexpensive way to DIY an entryway, and the hooks would be so easy to do yourself as well.


Lastly, I don’t know whether I’m drawn to this bedding and bed bench as much as I am to the natural light flooding in. Still, the simplicity of the bedding allows for other decor around the room to fit in easily, and I think a bed bench really ties everything together.

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4 thoughts on “Apartmentspiration

    • Thanks girl! I thought so. Haha I don’t think the antler pillow is quite my taste, but the overlapping frames are so cool! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  1. Ana Valentin says:

    ugh obsessed with the crates! I definitely want a homey and worn in feel in my home. I want kids to feel like its ok to run around and not be terrified to stain or break anything. I also just like an earthy rustic feel to my decor as well! Great pinspirations!

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