Top 5 Oscars Redemption Gowns

Instead of solely selecting my favorite Oscars red carpet looks, I’ve decided to highlight the top five women who redeemed themselves at the Oscars after making the worst-dressed looks earlier this awards season, because let’s face it: sometimes even our most beloved celebrities have moments of fashion disaster.

#5: Emma Stone
Her Golden Globes look was either a hit or miss for most people. I think the pantsuit was a bold choice, but it didn’t quite do it for me. The bow looked a little sloppy, especially dragging on the ground like it did, and I am just not a fan of the shoe style she sported. Her Oscars Elie Saab gown, however, made me almost forget the pantsuit faux-pa (almost). The color is absolutely beautiful against her fair skin and fiery hair, and I’ve always been a fan of the elegance of a gown with sleeves.

#4: Anna Kendrick
This is actually Anna Kendrick’s look from last year’s Oscars. Yikes. There’s just not many good things I could say about this gown. The cutouts are all wrong and the black gown with red accents and accessories was just too harsh on her. This year’s look was beautiful and much more sophisticated. The softer colors of her Thakoon gown complemented her nicely.

#3: Kerry Washington
I cannot begin to imagine what Kerry and her team were thinking with this look for the Globes. For starters, the dress and the shoes don’t even kind of go, and her hair is not doing her any favors. For the Oscars, she mentioned in an interview that she must’ve been feeling “like Olivia” that evening, referencing her Scandal character’s impeccable, sophisticated taste, and she’s right: Olivia would love this beautiful Miu Miu gown.

#2: Lupita Nyong’o
I think we were all a little surprised by Lupita’s uncharacteristically bad look at the Globes. The frumpy frock was just so not her style, especially after she wowed the world with her gown at the Oscars in 2014. In my opinion, her Oscars 2015 look lived up to it. The Calvin Klein dress, featuring over 6,000 pearls, looked striking on her (although I gotta admit, I couldn’t stop thinking about how heavy it must be!).

#1: Rosamund Pike
This one should really come as no surprise. Rosamund flopped at the SAG Awards in this tent-like dress, but blew us away with her stunning red gown by Givenchy at the Oscars. Not only is her look at the top of my redemption list, it’s up there as far as my overall favorite looks. Nailed it!

Who do you think did the best job of redeeming themselves at the Oscars?

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