An Unexpected Combination

So, oops – I’ve been absent from the blog for a week. Just another nod to that nonchalant blogger card I play, right? Well, Sam came to visit me for the week for his spring break, and we’ve been having too much fun for me to find time to post! More on that later, but for right now, I’m talking about this different way to style your favorite pair of Bean boots.



Old Navy flannel (sold out, similar) // Groopdealz herringbone vest (sold out, similar) // J.Crew Factory skirt (exact) // Merona tights (exact) // Land’s End ragg socks (exact) // L.L. Bean boots (exact) // Forever 21 necklace (similar)


I had a reader express disappointment in a previous post about how I style my Bean boots. And rightfully so – after hearing her helpful feedback, I was even more painfully aware of the fact that I virtually always wear the same type of outfit with my Bean boots. So I took her comment as a challenge to find inspiration to style my Bean boots in a different way.


I had ordered a drop-waist skirt for NYE from J.Crew Factory that I didn’t love, so I returned it via mail. There was an issue with refunding my PayPal account, so instead they issued a gift card. No complaints here. I waited until a good sale came around with free shipping (that never happens) and snagged this wool shirttail skirt, which I love SO MUCH. The stone color is sophisticated and versatile, and the silhouette is unique and flattering on my frame. WIN! 


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