Sunday Lately

Good Sunday morning lovies! I’m guilty of missing the past two Sunday Lately’s (life gets in the way, ya know?) and posting late today because Daylight Savings Time (okay, maybe not… But it’s a good excuse). So without further adieu…


A LOT of homework today. Having Sam here last week was so perfect, and I was lucky to be able to miss a lot of my classes, but this week is going to be a busy one for me. I’ve got an assignment due tonight at midnight, two assignments due tomorrow, and a quiz to prep for! Phew, so much for a relaxing Sunday.


Last week on Monday & Tuesday Sam and I visited Door County, and it was just incredible. We camped there this past summer, and were excited to find a good deal on a beautiful hotel in our favorite town. I can’t wait to show you more about our trip later this week!


I started watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmitt on Friday after Sam left (props to Netflix for coming out with the perfect distraction right when I needed it) and I’ve already finished it. Whoops. I might just rewatch it this week!


This week’s temperatures!! We’ve had such a frigid winter, so high 30’s and 40’s and- gasp- maybe 50’s?! feel amazing to me!


This reminds me- I need to reschedule a teeth cleaning I had to cancel a couple of weeks ago (I mean seriously, they encourage you to schedule your next appointment 6 months out, but does anyone really know what they’ll be doing in 6 months? No.), so I guess I’ll be looking into scheduling that this week! Real exciting, I know.

Sunday Lately with KatyNicole and Meghan.

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