“It’s My Birthday WEEK”

One of my favorite Vines which is also #sotrue is this one:

https://vine.co/v/M5MWblp0xnr/embed/simpleI mean, I think we’re all guilty of extending our birthdays past just one day, and this year, that’s just what I did. Since Sam was visiting for his Spring Break, and it was a relatively quiet week at work and school, I was able to play a little hooky (okay, a lot) and head up to Door County with Sam, where we stayed at the Edgewater Resort on my 23rd birthday (last Monday) and Tuesday.


The Edgewater was BEAUTIFUL, and so accommodating. They made us feel like we were the only guests there- which, since it was a Monday/Tuesday, we might have been.. Not the point.




imageAs you can see, the room was incredibly well-appointed with a double-sided fireplace that faced both the bedroom and the living area, a whirlpool, two TVs, and a full kitchen (not pictured – oops!). I appreciated the attention to detail with the beach/water-themed decor, and the natural light is pouring in past a balcony that extends off both rooms. We were so impressed and comfortable during our stay that we decided to extend our quick overnight into a 2-night adventure (okay, the weather kind of decided for us, but still..) and the Edgewater swiftly accommodated our change in plans.

imageQuite possibly my favorite part of the room (and I’m sorry the quality is somewhat poor in this photo) is the guest log in which guests are encouraged to highlight their stay. I SO enjoyed reading the stories of others celebrating wedding anniversaries, enjoying family vacations, and even announcing engagements! I added my story of our trip (above, noting that unlike our predecessors, Sam did not propose to me.. this time 😉 ) and we hope to return sometime in the summer months to add to the log (some guests had 2 or 3 entries, as they come back each year!).

imageSam surprised me with a birthday gift (after I told him no gifts!..) and it was perfect for me. I’ve always had a love for writing and new stationery, and this pretty Lilly notebook and pens was such a cute surprise. I haven’t quite decided what to use it for, as I have a few others in progress and want to dedicate this to something special. I’ve considered saving it to document our first year living together, which just might be what I end up doing! Honestly, I’m most impressed that he set foot in Pink Narcissus in Gainesville to get them for me – which means he has no excuse not to go with me when I move! 😉



imageOur plan was to try cross country skiing or snowshoeing, depending on the which the rental shop recommended with fresh snow for beginners. I think we were both leaning toward wanting to try XC skiing, but still had a blast with snowshoeing.



imageI was ecstatic to find this dock, as I’ve seen so many of my friends take pictures by and add their name to this warehouse. I’m a little bummed I didn’t bring my tripod from the car to get a picture of us together, butsomeday we’ll be back to add our names to it, and I’ll make sure to get a picture then.

imageDoor County is first and foremost a summer destination spot, so lots of the shops and restaurants close up for the weekdays, if not the season. We found the Wild Tomato in Fish Creek was open, and even though we were the only patrons for a little while, the food was delicious (we shared a salad and pizza) and the atmosphere was cute and quaint.

imageAfter we got back from Door County, my parents took Sam and I out to dinner for my birthday at Hu Hot, a long-time favorite of mine. We had no problem polishing off this molten cupcake and ice cream, despite being “full” from the main course (there’s ALWAYS room for dessert, right?).

Overall, this has to be one of my best birthdays (er- birthday weeks) yet. Since I’ll be settled in Florida by Sam’s birthday, I hope I can make his just as special this year (after all, he’s turning the big 2-1!).

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