Take Care of the Skin You’re in with the Pulsaderm Buddy

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If there’s one thing I’m bad at (and in reality there’s not just one, I’m bad at a bunch of things), it’s washing my face regularly and taking off my makeup before I go to bed each night. I know! It’s terrible! Don’t yell at me, I’m working on it.

And you know what’s making that just a little bit easier for me? My new Pulsaderm Buddy Sonic Face Brush. I’ll admit that I still don’t wash my face every night. But I’m washing it more often than I was before, and Rome wasn’t built in a day!

I incorporated the Pulsaderm Buddy Sonic Face Brush into my routine for a week, and below are my results. As you can see, the brush comes with two different heads, a regular and a sensitive head. I most often chose the regular head, but I believe the sensitive head would’ve been better on my skin (hi redface) and is probably what I’ll use going forward.





I’m really impressed with my day seven results. I’m the type of person who doesn’t have bad acne, but will get one really big, obnoxious zit here and there (see day 4..). To see it nearly vanish in just a few days was exciting for me, and allowed me to say bye-bye to my heavy foundation and helloooo BB cream!


The Pulsaderm Buddy comes in a cute travel bag and with a charging cord, which is quite possibly one of my favorite features. I had a tool similar to this once upon a time, but it required batteries, which I never got around to replacing once they had died. By the time I did, the existing batteries had eroded enough to ruin the tool. Whoops. But I’m happy to see this won’t happen to my Pulsaderm Buddy!

In addition to the two heads that come with the brush, you have the option to purchase additional heads for different purposes, such as makeup application sponges, pumice stones, and body brushes. I love that it can be so versatile.

You can bet my Pulsaderm Buddy will be traveling with me to my cousin’s wedding this weekend! It’s size makes it an ideal travel tool, and the pouch allows me to keep the Buddy and attachment heads safe and clean while traveling in my weekender bag. There’s even room for my cleanser of choice! The Pulsaderm Buddy Sonic Face Brush has been a game-changer for me, as I’m certain it would be for anyone willing to give it a try.

This is a sponsored post thanks to BrandBacker, who connected me with Pulsaderm. Thanks also to Pulsaderm for providing me with the amazing Pulsaderm Buddy! You can get yours here: www.pulsaderm.com/pulsaderm-buddy. All opinions are my own.

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