Friday Favorites

Last Friday is when I would have normally posted my budgeting bloggers post of the month, but I only bought one pair of jeans last month, plus a couple of items that hadn’t arrived yet. No, I’m not kidding (..I don’t think. If I bought something else, I’ve forgotten already)! So instead, I’m sharing some Friday favorites I’ve found on recent shopping excursions that I think you’ll loveee (and will have trouble resisting).


Last night  this gorgeous Lilly dress ($49.99) caught my eye at TJ Maxx. No, literally – I was on my way to look at shoes, glanced over, and saw it. I beelined it over there to get a closer look; alas, it wasn’t my size. Still, I carried her around for a few minutes to make her feel appreciated. 😉 I was just so excited to see Lilly at my local TJ Maxx! I’ve seen many IGers I follow have this luck, but it was a first for me.


This bag (very Kate Spade-esque, no?) is currently available at Target. If I hadn’t just secured this gorgeous peach tote as my spring bag, it may have come home with me! What a perfect structured bag for starting that new job or summer internship. It also comes in black!


This necklace reminded me a lot of some recent Kendra Scott pieces I’ve been seeing, only this one is on clearance at Kohl’s. Not a bad dupe for only $5!


I know I’ve mentioned this, but I’m seriously obsessed with home decor lately. Since my move date isn’t close enough to actually be purchasing (or is it – I’ll be a Floridian in about a month and a half!), I’ve been snapping pictures everywhere I go to remind me of what I like. How pretty are these pillows from Target ($24.99 ea.)?



Everybody and their sister has seen this collection by now, but I spotted these beauties a few weeks ago and still had to share – how classic is the pink and navy theme? I love.  I don’t think I’ll be able to get Sam on board, but a girl can dream, right?


Please pay no attention to my bruised-up right arm – I had a little plasma donation mishap. But I love the color of this tee and these gorgeous floral shorts were *almost* mine.

IMG_6091 IMG_6090 IMG_6089

I love this decor that’s nautical without being as in-your-face (and therefore maybe more couple-friendly?) than the pink/navy collection I have above. I especially love the octopus wall hang, the anchor hooks, and the maritime signal flags shadowbox.


I’m waiting (not-so-)patiently for this raincoat to go on sale…  I got a 10% off coupon from a coworker that is good transaction-wide – and get this, it doesn’t list the Lilly line as an exclusion. I’m praying it works on Lilly, and if it does, I may throw this jacket in at that time (phewf, that’s going to be an expensive day!).


Flamingos. Enough said. I bought this shirt in navy with whales on it last spring/summer, and I LOVE it.  I think this pretty mint and pink combo needs to find it’s way to my closet next!



More home decor, a la Kohl’s.  I’ve been exploring the idea of either having a bar cart (like the one above) or a coffee station on wheels (thanks Pinterest), so I’ve been eyeing all my options.

What’s on your favorites list this Friday? Be sure to take a look at my picks from the Lilly for Target line, shared last week!

One thought on “Friday Favorites

  1. I love the pillows! I’ve been super into home decor recently as well. I’m moving into an apartment next year for my junior year of college, and I’ve been pinning ideas for it like crazy. Thanks for sharing your finds! I always love browsing around Tj Maxx and Target. I will have to check out the home decor at Kohls!

    Colleen | Buckeye Bliss

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