Budgeting Bloggers: April 2015

Alright, so I totally thought I scheduled this budgeting bloggers post to post days ago… Clearly I cannot keep my head on straight with the end of the semester drawing near. But phew! April was a spendy month for me. It didn’t help that the Lilly for Target line came out on the 19th, and that I went a little crazy in-stores and online. I know I said I was done talking about Lilly for Target, so I’ll keep it brief and just break down how much I spent:image

  1. Merona Raincoat: originally $39.99, paid $33.99
  2. Noonday Metric Cuff: originally $20, paid $14
  3. Noonday Safari Stack Bracelet: originally $14, paid $11.20
  4. Old Navy Floral Chiffon Maxi Dress: originally $39.94, paid ~$18.35
  5. Old Navy Suspended-Neck Chiffon Maxi Dress: originally $39.94, paid ~$18.35
  6. J.Crew Factory Multistrand Pearl Necklace: originally $52.50, paid $15
  7. Lilly for Target Shift Dress in Upstream: originally $38, paid $34.20
  8. Lilly for Target Shift Dress in See Ya Later: originally $38, paid $34.20
  9. Lilly for Target Challis Pom-pom Shorts in Upstream: originally $24, paid $21.60
  10. Lilly for Target Beach Bag in Nosie Posey and Belladona: originally $15, paid $13.50
  11. Lilly for Target Beach Towel in Giraffey: originally $25, paid $22.50
  12. Lilly for Target Gold Plated Flask: originally $15, paid $13.50
  13. Lilly for Target Turban Headwrap in My Fans: originally $8, paid $7.20
  14. Lilly for Target Halter Bikini Top and High-Waisted Bottoms, $24 ea.

Total spent: $305.59
Total saved: $116.58

So my spending was higher and my total savings were lower than they have been in months’ past, but I planned for this. I had a 10% off coupon to use on my Lilly for Target purchases, and the fact that the coupon worked on this exclusive line was a miracle in itself. All of my purchases this month were made with my move to Florida in mind, as you can see from the raincoat, beach items, and pretty sleeveless dresses. My bank account and I are recouping from the #LFT damage, and I’ll be moving across the country without a job (eeeek!),  so (hopefully) May will be a quiet month when it comes to purchases.

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