Staying Afloat

Last week, Sam and I took a day trip to St. Augustine Beach. St. Augustine holds a special place in my heart, because it’s where he and I first met, so I always love having the chance to return. While we were at the beach, Sam lost his sunglasses in the waves; they were just a promo pair he got on campus, but left him squinting for the remainder of the day. Which got me to thinking, why don’t sunglasses float?

Enter Westwood Sunglasses, a company founded in the outdoor recreation mecca of Ogden, Utah. While their Classic Collection is available on their website now, their new Tribal Collection is being launched on their Kickstarter, which will only be available through June 30th – and this is NOT one to miss. All Westwood frames feature polarized lenses, flexible hinges, and are feather light-weight, meaning they’ll float if you accidentally drop them in the lake or ocean.


The Tribal Collection features five new frames inspired by art from cultures around the world; Tattoo features tribal tattoos from the pacific islands, Tapestry features the textile arts of ancient Latin America, Temple features the Henna patterns of India, Tundra features the feather accessory of the Native American, and Totem features the wood carvings of indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest.”


So how does supporting Westwood’s Kickstarter benefit you? Not only will you get a great pair of sunglasses handcrafted from high-quality natural woods or bamboo, you get them at wholesale prices until June 30, when the Kickstarter ends and the retail price takes effect. If you don’t have the cash for the shades right now, you can still support the cause by pledging $5 to receive a Westwood Sunglasses decal (which, based on what I’ve gathered from the company’s branding, is bound to be cool).

The Temple pair is my absolute favorite with the intricate henna pattern etched into the wood, followed closely by the Tundra pair with Native-inspired carvings.











Westwood Sunglasses are a go anywhere, do anything pair of shades. Which pair of Westwood Sunglasses are you loving from the Tribal Collection?

This is a sponsored post thanks to BrandBacker, who connected me with Westwood Sunglasses. Thanks also to Westwood Sunglasses for providing me with samples, exposure, and compensation. You can get yours here: All opinions are my own.